Workshops and Events

I love to bake sourdough bread. The alchemy of flour, water, salt and wild yeasts represent to me the quiet beauty and power of simplicity. I find the art and science of sourdough fermentation therapeutic and inspiring, and I find the smell of freshly baked bread soothing to my soul.

My sourdough workshops are designed to bring people together to learn, create and to celebrate. Each workshop is intimate and personal, and an exploration into the transformative alchemy of the fermentation process. I hope my workshops will inspire you to bake nourishing and wholesome bread for yourselves and your families, and to understand the benefits of sourdough fermentation and digestibility.

To book a place in one of my workshops or to inquire about hosting a workshop, simply message me via my contact page.

Upcoming Events

October 11th 5 30pm - 8 30 pm

Longbush Wines -19 Solander Street



$75 per person

My handcrafted sourdough breads will be matched with award winning Waimata Cheese and Longbush wine, in combination with a workshop presentation detailing the basic principles of the sourdough fermentation process, and sourdough starter maintenance. Each guest will receive a sourdough starter to take home, to enable them to begin their own exciting and life giving venture into sourdough bread making. 
We invite you to come and sit at our table, as we celebrate and explore the symmetry of these three fermentation processes, and the sensual pleasure and simple nourishment they bring to our lives.

November 5th 6 pm - 8 pm

Brave Brewery - 408 Warren Street, Hastings, Hawkes Bay


Brave Brewing Co. are collaborating with story-teller and sourdough alchemist, Libby Moon of This Table, for an evening of indulgence, as we match a selection of sourdough bread with our signature range of artisan ales. The alchemy and fermentation processes implemented in the production of craft beer and sourdough bread, share a symmetry of science, technique and intuition. During this evening you will taste five varied styles of sourdough, which we will match with five beer varieties by Brave Brewing Co. This will be a relaxed evening of stories, conversation, the sensual pleasures of flavour, and an insight into the art and craft of beer and sourdough bread making.

Ticket includes: Five samples of different sourdough varieties with various toppings as well as five tastings of different styles of beer from Brave Brewing Co. Insight into the process of sourdough making as well as a look at the ingredients used for both bread making and Brewing beer.

F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic is the hottest festival on New Zealand’s culinary calendar. We’ve turned the idea of traditional food festivals on their head by creating a series of events that are refreshingly different. With more than 60 delectable events over 10 glorious days, F.A.W.C! is a celebration of all things food and wine in Hawke’s Bay. Life doesn’t get better than this.