Workshops and Events

I love to bake sourdough bread. The alchemy of flour, water, salt and wild yeasts, represent to me the quiet beauty and power of simplicity. I find the art and science of sourdough fermentation therapeutic and inspiring, and the smell of freshly baked bread soothing to my soul.

My sourdough workshops are designed to bring people together to learn, create and to celebrate. Each workshop is intimate and personal; an exploration into the transforming alchemy of the fermentation process. I hope my workshops will inspire you to bake nourishing and wholesome bread for yourselves and your families, and to understand the benefits of sourdough fermentation and the health benefits of its enhanced digestibility.

To book a place in one of my workshops or to inquire about hosting a workshop, simply message me via my contact page.

Upcoming Events

Waikato Events 2019

I recently re-located to the Cambridge in the Waikato.

Watch this space for up and coming events.