A Journey Begins

This blog and website has been two years in the making. During this time I've been dreaming, researching, cooking, learning, and pursuing a lifestyle which will carry me into my future.

The preparation and planning for this venture has been both challenging and rewarding. As I have navigated an unfamiliar landscape in my life, there have been countless times I have doubted my resolve and my dream. This journey has meant many hours spent in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, exploring the nuances of sourdough bread making, styling and photographing my food, and learning to be innovative with a limited range of equipment.

All the while, journeying from heartbreak and loss to healing and restoration.


I was born with an innate desire to create atmosphere, beauty and inclusiveness around food. As a young girl my favourite books were a collection of cookbooks my mother had ordered through Readers Digest. These cookbooks showcased four regions; including France, Italy, Scandinavia, and America. I read them countless times, gazed with wonder at the photographs, and studied the recipes. To me they represented the passion, vibrancy and meaning of life.

Many years later my desire to cook and share my food remains as strong as ever. My past culinary experiences have now culminated in redefining what food really means to me, and how I can translate my love for it into inclusiveness and community.

My journey has always bought me back to the table. To this table. A place where we gather to celebrate, share, and love. A place imbued with meaning and significance.

A space created to share, inspire, heal and satisfy.

I'm so excited to be able to share this journey with you. Although I have walked many paths, some wonderful, some challenging, they have all led me to this place and this time.

I invite you to enjoy this journey with me, as I follow my passion for food and awaken yours.



Kaftan Dress designed by TCD

Photography - Liz March