The Alchemy of Food

Food is layered with meaning and meaningfulness.

To sit at a table and share a meal I have cooked or has been prepared for me, is truly an enriching experience. 

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When life's challenges have left me broken, food becomes mundane, a necessity, almost a language I am unable to decipher. Yet eventually in the healing process, food once again woos, entices, and sustains me, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. It awakens, nurtures and heals, as it interweaves nostalgia, longing, memory and emotion back into my life.

Food colours our lives, enlivens our senses, and transports us into satisfaction and replete.

I love how even the most simple of meals can bring so much joy. A crusty loaf of bread, an unctuous grassy olive oil and a glass of wine, seduce and beguile with their simplicity.

Feasting is glorious. Fragrance, flavour, texture and colour awaken our senses, restoring us. When we cook and share food, we simply celebrate the essence of all that life can be.

Food is my passion, my delight, my past and my future.

So it's here the story begins. As I create a place to share my love of food and invite you to dine with me, at this table.


Portrait Photography by Liz March Photography
Red Emma Dress designed by TCD